Product parameters

    Product Description

    REON SFP module include SX,FX,LX,EX,ZX and BX series.They use LC and SC receptacles.They are compliant with the SFF-8472,SFP MSA,OC-3/STM-1&OC-12/STM-4&OC-48/STM-16,100BASE and 1000BASE IEEE 802.3z.

    Product Features 

     Supports 155M/1.25G/2.5G/3.07Gb/s bit rates  

     Transmission distance up to 10km/15km/20km/40km/60km/80km/100km/120km on SMF  

     Transmission distance up to 550m/2km on MMF 

     They are compliant with the SFF-8472 and SFP MSA  

     I2C interface with integrated Digital Diagnostic Monitoring  

     Single +3.3V Power Supply  

     RoHS6 & REACH Compliant  

    Operating Case Temperature  

     Commercial: 0 to +70°C  

     Industrial: -40 to +85°C

    Product Applications  

      100BASE and 1000BASE-SX/FX/LX/EX/ZX/BX IEEE 802.3z.  


      Fibre Channel 

      Other Optical Transmission Systems

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