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SFP Tranceivers How To Use

SFP Tranceivers Fiber transceiver is generally divided into two types, an Ethernet transmission media conversion unit that converts short distance twisted-pair electrical signals and long distance optical signals, SFP Tranceivers usually referred to as a photoelectric converter; the other is to convert the optical signal to an electrical signal and then convert it to another optical signal, also known as a fiber-optic conversion repeater. Products are generally used in Ethernet cable can not be covered, it is necessary to use optical fiber to extend the actual network environment of transmission distance, and it is usually positioned in the access layer of broadband metropolitan Area Network, SFP Tranceivers and it also plays an important role in helping to connect the last kilometre of fiber line to the metropolitan area Network and the more outer networks.

Since the maximum transmission distance of the network cable (twisted pair) We often use has a great limitation, the maximum transmission distance of the twisted pair is 100 meters. As a result, we had to use relay devices when we were setting up larger networks. Of course, other kinds of lines can be used for transmission, such as optical fiber is a good choice. Optical fiber transmission distance is very far, SFP Tranceivers in general, Single-mode fiber transmission distance of more than 10-kilometer, and multimode fiber transmission distance of the highest can also reach 2-kilometer. We often use fiber-optic transceivers when using fiber. This is the problem, how to use optical transceiver? How does it connect to the net?

We all know that a network is composed of various optical devices, optical transceiver is one of the important components. When the optical transceiver is connected to the network, SFP Tranceivers the first thing is to introduce the optical cable from the outside. The cable is to be fused in the cable box, which is the terminal box. Fiber optic cable Welding is also a knowledge of the need to peel the optical cable, the fiber optic cable fiber and tail fiber fusion, welding and then placed in the box. The pigtail is pulled out, attached to the ODF (a rack, connected with a coupler), then connected to the jumper with a coupler, and the jumper is then attached to the fiber transceiver. The following sequence of connection is router--------------host. SFP Tranceivers In this way, the optical transceiver is connected to the network.

There are a wide range of fiber-optic transceivers in the market today, but in general, there are no optical transceivers used in copper and cable-connected networks, SFP Tranceivers and optical transceivers for connecting networks between optical cables and optical cables.

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