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SFP Tranceivers Equipment And Exchange

SFP Tranceivers  light modules are accessories that are typically used in SFP slots on devices and switches, and optical transceivers can be used alone.

2, SFP optical module support Hot plug, flexible SFP Tranceivers configuration, and optical transceiver is a fixed specification, and difficult to replace the upgrade.

SFP Optical module powered by equipment, SFP Tranceivers optical transceiver self-powered

Must the optical transceiver be paired? Does the fiber transceiver have one or the other? Or is it just a two-fiber transceiver that makes up a pair of uses? If the fiber transceiver must be used in pairs, a pair of words must be the same brand and model? Or can be a casual brand can be used in combination?

Solution: Optical transceiver as a photoelectric conversion equipment is generally used in pairs, but also can appear fiber transceiver and fiber switch, fiber SFP Tranceivers transceiver and SFP transceiver pairing use is also very normal, in principle, as long as the optical transmission wavelength is the same, the signal package format is the same and all support some kind of protocol can realize fiber SFP Tranceivers communication.

General dual-fiber (normal communication needs two fiber) transceiver is the transmitter and receiver, only the single fiber transceiver (normal communication needs a fiber can) will have a separate transmitter and receiver.

Whether it is a dual-fiber transceiver or a single fiber transceiver to use a different brand can be compatible. But different rates (hundred trillion and SFP Tranceivers thousands of megabytes), different wavelengths (1310nm and 1300nm) are not able to communicate with each other, in addition, even the same brand of single fiber transceiver and two-fiber dual fiber composition is not interoperable.

Dual-Fiber Transceiver has TX port (transmitter) and RX Port (receiving port), two of the same wavelength is the same as the emission of 1310nm, the reception is also 1310nm, so the wiring used in parallel two fiber cross connection. Single fiber transceiver Only a ports, both the launch function and the receiving function, it uses the wavelength division multiplexing technology, two different wavelengths of optical signals in a fiber transmission to achieve the sending and receiving. Generally they use wavelengths of 1310nm and 1550nm.

Different brands of optical transceiver They all support the Ethernet protocol, the same specifications of the transceiver they can be interoperability, but some transceivers will add some functionality (such as mirroring features), more support some protocols, then these features in addition to the transceiver is not supported in the case.

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