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PON Market Demand

China Information and Communication Research Institute of Technology and Standards Institute, PON deputy director of Ao Li pointed out that the current three major operators have been actively layout 10G PON. China Unicom 10GPON into the full deployment phase, PON and has clear the broadband access network speed program: 1GPON FTTH-based, 10G PON FTTB added, developed small-scale deployment of 10G PON FTTH; China Mobile 10G PON has equipment testing and Pilot; China Telecom 10G PON solution has been scale commercial.

China Telecom Shanghai Institute of Basic Network, said Shen Chengbin, PON China Telecom in the laboratory to achieve XG-PON different vendors interoperability, and promote the existing network interoperability deployment, which for the FTTH scene of the multi-vendor (Huawei, ZTE, flames) Sex has been achieved in Shanghai in 2016. At the same time, China Telecom has also started to Gigabit to home FTTH network upgrade, PON which China Telecom 10G EPON has been deployed in large cities in developed, PON the cumulative number of more than 700,000 PON port; XG-PON in some provinces and cities began to deploy, The cumulative number of about 10 million PON port, Shanghai Telecom plans to complete 10G 10G EPON upgrade, becoming the world's first Gigabit city.

2016 10G EPON a large number of shipments, 10G GPON has also been commercial and into the accelerated period, both of the industry circle is basically the same. China Mobile Research Institute Network Technology Research Institute researcher Wang Lei said that to meet the needs of Gigabit users, China Mobile introduced 10G GPON and Gigabit intelligent home gateway. On the deployment of China Mobile 10G GPON strategy, he pointed out that for the 200M-1000M access needs, PON to promote 10G GPON technology is mature, preferably FTTH mode.

In September this year, China Mobile launched the 12 provinces of the existing network pilot, the main test Sichuan, Henan, Gansu, PON Yunnan four, and so on. In September this year, PON China Mobile launched a 10G GPON test, the equipment function and performance of a comprehensive assessment; Province, to achieve Gigabit Gateway and management platform different manufacturers network.Although from the test situation, 10G GPON and Gigabit intelligent gateway to be further improved, but its equipment is basically mature, PON with further commercial conditions. " Wang Lei revealed. Operators in the 10G PON test work in full swing, PON visible 10G PON has a healthy industrial chain environment, can support the scale of application.

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