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PON Main Implementation Technology

PON technology (including Ethernet PON (Epon), Gigabit Pon (Gpon)) is the main implementation technology for developing FTTX, which can save the supplier resource and network level of backbone fiber optic fiber, and provide two-way high bandwidth capability under long-distance transmission condition.

The wide range of access services, its remote management capabilities and passive optical distribution network structure can significantly reduce the cost of operations, so can PON support a variety of scenarios. However, because PON uses a topological structure of point to multiple points, the location of the optical splitter in the practical network application is restricted by the distribution of the user and the cost, so it is more suitable for the dispersed user area, and the relatively concentrated small area user area in each region.

Epon and Gpon are currently the mainstream of two PON technology, Epon's significant advantage lies in product business earlier, high maturity, core chip production and low cost of equipment; Gpon's significant advantages in its performance, such as higher speed and transmission efficiency, better support for TDM business, stronger OAM function, higher standardization. At this stage, Epon and gpon in China will coexist development, epon than gpon start early, is also China's current pon application of mainstream technology, but Gpon is catching up, the prospects for development. The technical competition between EPON and Gpon will continue in a certain stage, both of which need to be developed and perfected in practice. In the actual network deployment, we need to evaluate the specific application environment, equipment performance and cost. With the development of technology and learning from each other, they may be more and more close to each other in terms of product form and performance and function.

Pon technology has undergone repeated demonstration, test, in 2009 has been widely used, in 2010 with the large-scale deployment of FTTH, three-network integration policy launched, Pon ushered in a new wave of deployment. In the second half of 2009, China Unicom took the lead in the large-scale collection of PON, the end of March 2010 China Mobile, China Telecom opened the PON equipment for the first collection, it is understood that in 2009 Unicom completed 11 million line Epon collection, and the Chinese telecom also carried out 2.5 million-line Epon collection. Not only that, radio and television face the pressure of integration of three networks, established a two-way transformation program EPONPEOC, and again accelerated the application of PON.

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