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POL Passive Optical LAN Solution To Promote Enterprise LAN Upgrade

1. insufficient in bandwidth, burst traffic flow needs cannot be met, becomes the bottleneck of business;

With cloud computing of universal, Enterprise calculation mode are occurred huge of changes, traditional of enterprise user and user between of more points on more points of pass communications way change for user and cloud Zhijian of points on more points of communications way; while due to calculation main in cloud or server end and non-local completed, cloud and user between of burst sex data interactive sharply increased, so on network bandwidth and the delay are proposed has is high of requirements.

2. the high cost, lots of wire deployed and repeated investment in network construction cost is high;

Traditional cat 5 cable with bandwidth capacity and the transmission distance is limited, need to deploy a large number of cables and access switching equipment to meet network coverage problem. In General, cable input will account for the entire traditional Ethernet network 1/3 to 1/4 of the initial investment. And the life of the cables there was only 4-6, this means that every 4-6 year to reinvent the network, in addition to a large amount of outside investment, but will also bring about great impact on the normal operation of the enterprise.

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