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ITU-T Introduction Of 40Gbps Passive Optical Network Standard

ITU-T the first modifications to the ITU-t G.989.2, is to update the NG-PON2 physical layer specification revision.

This is a landmark development for service providers. Service suppliers are now in a wait-and-see NG-PON2 for enterprise users access to more than 10Gbps broadband speed and potential family uses.

NG-PON2 were close 1G G-PON (ITU-t G.984 series) and 10G XG-PON1 (ITU-T G.987 series) followed, with multiple wavelength operation, transceiver and receiver ONU wavelength tunable, enhance performance.

Based on multi-wavelength and point to multipoint architecture, NG-PON2 is the main solution time and wavelength division multiplexing PON (TWDM-PON). In fact, the TWDM-PON consists of four to eight wavelengths in either direction, and the highest rate achieved in each direction to 80Gbps.

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