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Cloud Tranceiver Higher Requirements

Cloud Tranceiver At present, the EMC level of industrial products for communication interfaces is increasingly demanding. Many applications require to meet $literal electrostatic discharge level 4, Cloud Tranceiver Iec61000 surge immunity level 4 requirements. General transceiver ESD, surge protection level is relatively low, such as Ctm1051m isolation can receive the voltage for 2500VDC, bare-metal case, ESD, Cloud Tranceiver surge level is lower. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the external circuit, improve the communication port EMC level.

Combining the characteristics of the isolation transceiver, here is a perimeter protection circuit that isolates can and 485 transceivers.

This protection circuit is mainly composed of gas discharge tube, current limiting resistor, TVs tube and common-mode inductor. The gas discharge tube GDT is used to absorb most of the surge energy; Cloud Tranceiver limiting current resistance R2 and R3 limit currents flowing through the TVs tube to prevent excessive current in the TVs tube from damaging the TVs tube; The TVs tube will limit the voltage between the transceiver pins to the clamp voltage in TVs and protect the rear-level transceiver chips.

T1 is used to suppress the conduction disturbance caused by the transceiver and suppress some common-mode interference. This protection circuit can effectively inhibit common-mode surges and differential-mode surges. Circuit recommendation parameters such as Table 1, according to the recommended parameters of this table, can meet $literal, Iec61000 4 level requirements.

The junction capacitance of TVs tube is larger, it can reach the hundred-skin method, and it is not suitable for the application occasions with many nodes. Cloud Tranceiver If the number of bus nodes is high, it is suggested to increase the fast recovery diode, such as HFM107, to reduce the effect of the junction capacitance on communication.

In practical applications, if the bus reference ground and the earth have insulation resistance requirements, can be R1, C1 replaced by gas discharge tube, such as 2rm090l.

The application of optical cable can be divided into 3 types: professional use, general housing outside, general housing. In the professional use of the submarine cable, Cloud Tranceiver high voltage tower of the hollow cable, nuclear power plant's anti-radiation optical cable, Chemical industry corrosion-resistant cable. In general, the differences in the classification of the different types of optical cables according to the characteristics of the manufacturing design are varied.

Optical cable from outside the house to the inside of the process can be divided into empty racks, underground road, directly buried, pipe laying, indoor use.

Optical fiber transceiver followed by optical cable is also divided into Single-mode fiber transceiver and Multimode fiber transceiver, in addition to the transmission speed 10 M 1000 difference; Cloud Tranceiver The single mode also has the transmission distance the distinction, some can transmit 20 kilometers, the high power can be usable in 120 kilometers; there is a common transmission and reception of data on two cores, and light wave multiplexing on a core can be used to send and receive multiple sets of data. The simplest enterprise-class fibre optic devices are described below.

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