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Cloud Tranceiver Diversification

Today's society, intelligent life has begun to spread, people's lives have begun to rely more and more intelligent, as the life of the necessary locks, but also by the previous mechanical lock, Cloud Tranceiver evolved in a variety of intelligent locks. Now the market common smart door locks, divided into electronic password lock, magnetic card locks, IC card locks, fingerprint locks and so on. However, Cloud Tranceiver some of these locks need to carry cards, and some need to remember the password, and some by the impact of outdoor weather, they and we envisage safe and convenient life or a certain distance.

Now a new type of door was born, it is the NFC door lock. NFC door lock built-in NFC transceiver, you only need to produce before the door lock with NFC function of the phone can open the door. Cloud Tranceiver MLX90312 is Melexis's new 13.56MHz fully integrated multi-protocol RFID / NFC transceiver IC, Cloud Tranceiver suitable for this application scenario.

NFC is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows non-contact point-to-point data transmission between electronic devices. Compared to standard Bluetooth and low-power improved version of Bluetooth 3.0, NFC builds connections more quickly. There is no need to manually configure the identification device, Cloud Tranceiver and two NFC devices can automatically establish a connection within a tenth of a second. NFC fully conforms to the ISO standard of contactless smart cards, making access control an ideal application for this technology.

NFC-equipped mobile phones can be used to register identity cards, mobile phone identity information will be passed to the smart door lock reader, Cloud Tranceiver and then open the door. This eliminates the need for a key or smart card to provide a safer, more portable way to configure, monitor, and modify voucher card security parameters, eliminating the risk of copying the voucher card and temporarily distributing voucher cards if necessary, Cloud Tranceiver If you lose or stolen you can also cancel the certificate card.

(1). It is possible to attenuate the optical path too much. Cloud Tranceiver At this time, the optical power of the receiving end can be measured by the optical power meter. If the optical power is near the receiving sensitivity range, it can be judged as optical fault in the range of 1 ~ 2dB

(2). The switch may be connected with the transceiver failure, then switch to PC, that is, Cloud Tranceiver two transceivers directly connected with the PC, both ends of the PING, Cloud Tranceiver if not when the phenomenon can be broken when the basic judgment for the switch malfunction 

(3). There may be a transceiver failure, Cloud Tranceiver then the transceiver can be connected to the PC at both ends (not through the switch), both ends of the PING no problem, from one end to the other side to send a larger file (100M) above, Its speed, such as the speed is very slow (200M the following documents sent more than 15 minutes), can be basically judged as a transceiver failure.

If you find a problem with the transceiver connection, Cloud Tranceiver use the following method to test the cause of the fault.

 A) Near-end test: both ends of the computer on the PING, such as PING 通 can prove that there is no problem fiber optic transceivers. Such as the near-end test can not communicate can be judged as a fiber optic transceiver failure.

B) remote test: both ends of the computer PING, Cloud Tranceiver such as PING does not have to check whether the optical connection is normal and the fiber transceiver transceiver and receiving power is within the allowable range. Such as PING general proof that the optical path connection is normal. Cloud Tranceiver You can determine the fault problem on the switch.

 C) remote test to determine the point of failure: the first end of a switch, Cloud Tranceiver both ends of the PING, if no fault can be judged as another switch failure.

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