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What is the EPON Ethernet passive optical network

EPON is the best combination of technology and network infrastructure. EPON uses the point to multipoint structure, passive fiber optic transmission, Ethernet over a variety of businesses. At present, the IP/Ethernet accounted for the entire local area network communication over 95%, EPON due to the use of these economic and efficient structure, end user connection access network will become a most effective method of communication.

EPON without any complex agreement, the light signal can be accurately delivered to the end user, from the end user's data can also be set to the network. At the physical layer, EPON uses 1000BASE Ethernet PHY, PON transmission mechanisms at the same time, through the new MAC control commands to control and optimize the ONU and OLT sudden data communications and TDM communications in real time among. In the second layer protocol, EPON uses proven full-duplex Ethernet technology. Using the TDM, due to the ONU in their own time slot for sending datagrams, so there is no collision, no CDMA/CD, so as to make full use of bandwidth. In addition, the EP0N 802.1p in the MAC layer to provide similar QoS APON.

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