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Socionext launch 100Gbps transmission DMT modulation transceivers
Edit: Shenzhen Reon Communication Technology Co.,Ltd    Date: Mar 21, 2016

OFweek optical communications networks communications semiconductor suppliers Socionext MB8AJ2060 recently introduced a complete set of transceivers to support based on the DMT modulation for 100Gbps optical single wavelength transmission, the power consumption of the device is less than 5 watts.

Socionext consider transmission technology based on DMT is a lower-cost alternative to 100 Gbps coherent transmission solutions for data center interconnect applications. Transmission distance up to dozens of kilometers, and can better support 4G and 5G demand for wireless services.

Socionext Senior Director of marketing and business management of Manfred Mettendorff said, like DMT communication based on OFDM technology, uses a separate modulated quadrature carriers, overcoming traditional modulation formats, and achieve lower costs, higher data capacity targets. DVB-T,xDSL restrictions and LTE are based on OFDM.

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