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Analysis of development strategy for next-generation passive optical network

In the field of optical access technology, passive optical network (PON) is undoubtedly the most topics, and is also valued by most systems developer technologies. Passive optical network (Passive Optical Network, PON) is a pure media network, to avoid electromagnetic interference of external devices and lightning effects, reduce the failure rate of lines and external devices, improved system reliability, while saving maintenance costs, is the technology of telecommunications maintenance sector has long been expected. APON using cell-based transport system, allows multiple users to share the entire access network bandwidth. This method of statistical multiplexing, more efficient use of network resources. APON whether a large number of applications is an important factor of price. Current practical APON first generation products in limited supply capacity, high costs and its market prospect due to the ATM in frustration and uncertainty around the world, but its technological superiority is obvious.

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